Why Us

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 We don’t outsource our services so you get Torgeir, Tamlyn, and our team.

We work with you to help manage your business affairs, providing insightful advice to increase your profits, minimise your tax liabilities, plan for a secure financial future and achieve your business and personal goals. 

 Consultants and Coaches for entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses at all stages in their life-cycle.  


Help businesses and organisations to solve problems and improve efficiency.

Independent and unbiased advice.

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Available 24/7 to advise when actually needed.


We listen, research, analyse and think strategically. 

  We work holistically and creatively. 

   We advise on the management of both organisations and their assets.

 Our focus is on delivering solutions and results.  


 We will help you solve problems and grow your business.

We make ideas happen.

We give direction to your dream.

First we make it work then we make it last